10 Best Pop-Punk Records

The whiny brats that soundtracked our youth.


Pop punk has been a divisive throughout its tenure. While some call it a perfect blend of pop hooks and the raw aggression of rock, others tend to see it as the most annoying genre in existence. Even though some of the artists of this genre can come through with trite lyrics and obnoxious voices, there are some incredible albums throughout this scene.

Sure, some of the albums on this list aren't reinventing the wheel when it comes to mind-blowing instrumentation, but that's the idea. The pop punk revolution was born as a direct middle finger in the face of more complicated genres like prog. The focus wasn't as much on the solos as it was in the emotion being brought across.

That being said, these records are the perfect embodiment of teen angst concentrated onto one disc. From the genre's feeble beginnings in the 70's to more modern masterpieces, each of these records had a huge impact on punk music and the rock scene at large, inspiring young kids to let their aggression through loud guitars. So like the album's presented here, let's not waste any time and jump right in.

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