10 Best Rhythm Guitarists You Need To Know

The riff masters' time to shine.

Michael Stephens/PA Archive

When talking about rock guitar, no one can deny how cool the guitar solo is. The gymnastics routine that some musicians can do on the fretboard are feats of superhuman endurance that few are able to replicate. So is the goal at the end of the day when it comes to guitar just soloing?

No. Across rock's different subgenres, many guitarists pride themselves on not playing guitar solos and sticking to the rhythm guitar position. While some people may think of a rhythm guitarist as the guitarist in a band who isn't that good, guitarists who hold down the musical foundation can be the ones who make the difference between a good band and a great one.

These guitarists may not be able to shred the guitar neck, but they more often than not contribute to the song's classic riffs or are innovators when it comes to effects that create a lush sound. Whether they'd like to admit it, lead guitarists wouldn't have a leg to stand on if the rhythm guitarists hadn't been there to fill out the sound.

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