10 Best Rock Album Closers Of The 2020s (So Far)

9. Ohms - Deftones (Ohms)

What's your favourite unit of electrical resistance? If you were to ask a member of Deftones, then they'd probably say Ohms.

One for the electricians, there.

Chino Moreno and his gang of hard-rocking misfits put out their ninth studio album in late 2020, their first in four years, continuing to blend heavy metal with shoegaze and fuzzy post rock to great success.

The title track, which also closed out the record, was heavily praised, even securing a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance in 2022. They were two years late to the party, but this is the Grammys, so what did you expect?

A wall of noise with very little give, Ohms is Deftones at the top of their game, producing solid alternative-sounding rock with a focus on evocative lyrics about trying not to live in the past. It brings the album to a rapturous end, as the last note rings out for several songs as the whole project fades to black.

This band never fails to impress, crafting tightly-scripted albums chockful of entertaining rock music. Long may they continue to make albums named after engineering terms.

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