10 Best Rock Anthems

Rock on the grand stage.

Bruce Springsteen performs during his sold-out concert, Monday, August 5, 1985 at RFK Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C. The show is the first of a nine-week, 25-city tour of North America in support of his new album,
Scott Stewart/AP

Rock music has always had a certain size from the first time Chuck Berry invented it in the 1950's. Regardless of the music's power, there are always be a subsection of people who are the first to criticize the genre as pretentious, with songs that preached hymns of nothingness. However, the real preachers of rock and roll knew the real power behind this music.

At its core, rock is not a genre that is meant to tell people how to live their lives, but to show you the potential that you hold within yourself. It's one thing to dwell on the monotony of your life, but the draw of rock music shows listeners how to make their lives into something extraordinary. Whether it be through partying, rebellion, or just headbanging, fans use this music as a release from the struggles of life.

When everything's said and done, anthems in rock are not created by just the song but by the way it resonates with millions of people around the world. By listening to the true anthems of rock, it makes the world shine just a bit brighter than it did before.

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