10 Best Rock Music Album Closers Of The 2010s

Modern rock had fully arrived, and so had plenty of incredible album closers.

Foo Fighters

By the time 2010 arrived on the scene, rock music had become a potpourri of different styles, subgenres, aesthetics, and philosophies, to the point where it was impossible to keep track of everything going on.

This list serves as perfect proof of that; it's got classic rock, folk-rock, math rock, heavy metal, symphonic metal, and a bunch of other stuff to boot!

Such eclectic mix reflects the ever-shifting nature of the music business at the time, as many artists faced insecurities about the future of streaming and how it would affect their income. Spoiler - it affected it quite badly.

Even amongst all of this carnage, one thing remained the same; artists were making sure their albums ended with the biggest song possible. It might have been facing its biggest ever threat, but the concept of the LP was still being protected by those who valued it the most.

For this rundown, only songs that closed out standard editions of albums were considered. Any hidden tracks were counted as closers, as they technically appeared on the album without being advertised. So, if one of your favourites doesn't turn up, that might be why.

10. Whole World Is Watching - Within Temptation (Hydra)

If you like a bit of symphonic metal, then you've no doubt already come across Dutch outfit Within Temptation.

Formed in 1996, the band has enjoyed sustained popularity both at home and abroad, thanks in part to the angelic voice of lead singer Sharon den Adel.

She was elected the chairperson of the Dutch Eurovision jury in 2018. They don't let just anyone do that, you know.

In 2014, the band put out their sixth album, Hydra. As well as their own strong performances, the record also contained guest spots from Killswitch Engage's Howard Jones, Nightwish's Tarja Turunen, and rapper/ride-pimper Xhibit.

Hydra finished up with a song called Whole World is Watching, which also features a guest vocalist. Depending on where you are in the world, that guest is either Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum or Polish singer Piotr Rogucki.

Both versions of the duet are lovely, as the singers' voices blend perfectly with the sweeping orchestral backing of the song. Its optimistic themes mean that Hydra ends on a real positive note.

If you've never given symphonic metal a go, then this song and this album would be a great place to start.


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