10 Best Slash Guitar Solos You Haven't Heard

Underrated licks from rock's elusive master.

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

When it comes to rock and roll swagger, Slash pretty much has everything you'd want from a badass guitarist.

From the way he tears through scales to the "can't-be-asked" demeanour that he has when taking the stage, every single note that emanates from Slash's amp seems so natural. It may look like the easiest thing in the world when Slash plays, but there is a brilliant musical mind at work underneath that top hat.

Over the years, many of Slash's guitar solos have been relegated to odds, ends, and album filler, which almost feels like a crime against the gods of rock. Whether it's one of the lesser Guns N Roses tunes, a snippet of his solo career, or just dropping a few licks in other people's songs, Slash has that unique touch that leaves a stamp on every song he appears on.

Going through his entire career, we will take a look at the uncovered gems that show that Slash is at his best even when the spotlight isn't on him. Some of the down and dirty elements of his sound may be considered rock cliches at this point, but once you have a listen to these leads, you'll find these are cliches for a damn good reason.

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