10 Best Songs Released After The Singer Passed Away

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If there’s anything that’ll make you feel idle, it’s musicians releasing new music even when they’re dead.

Sometimes the songs are nothing but cash-ins of demos the artist couldn’t finish or didn’t think were good enough. Other times, the songs are satisfying conclusions to an artist’s discography. It can be as equally eerie as it is comforting to hear your favourite artist after they are gone.

There’s more of an appreciation and demand when musicians, especially lead singers, pass away – often their music catapults to the top of the charts the following week.

The Notorious B.I.G.'s timely-titled classic ‘Life After Death’ was released only two weeks after he was fatally shot and killed. Whether he’d agree to it or not, Tupac has startlingly released more music in death than in life. Many peoples' favourite Nirvana record ‘MTV Unplugged In New York’ was released the same year Kurt Cobain took his own life. Eva Cassidy only became known to the public in death. Juice WRLD's posthumous album 'Legends Never Die' set Billboard chart records only recently.

Here, let's look at many songs released after an artist was taken from us, those that only enhanced their legend, even in death.

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