10 Best Tenacious D Songs

The greatest hits from The Greatest Band In The World.


When Jack Black and Kyle Gass met in Los Angeles in 1986, the band that they would go on to form would be unparalleled in its blend of hard rock, comedic lyrics and overall peculiarity. Fast forward three decades later, and the duo are still making music about their love of rock, their skill with the ladies and their multiple run-ins with Satan himself.

With four albums, one television series and one movie currently to their name, the band continues to make and perform music despite the successful acting careers of both members, proving how the band is no mere side project, and that they are dedicated to the music. With a unique emphasis on acoustic guitars for a heavy metal band, Tenacious D has a musical style that most other musicians could not, or would not dare, to imitate.

So, whilst JB and KG are currently jetting off around Europe and North America for the Post Apocalypto Tour, let's count down some of the best of the D's offerings.

10. Colors - Post Apocalypto

Starting off the list is a track from the band's most recent album, Post Apocalypto, Colors is a poignant power ballad about the importance of kindness to our fellow humans regardless of differences, all sung from the perspective of Donald Trump Jr, of course.

This theme of current politics and environmentalism is present throughout the entire album, but is most effectively displayed in this song, and comes across as being one of the most heartfelt of all their songs whilst still possessing the lyrical flair the band is known for. Although the most common criticism placed upon Post Apocalypto was the short length of its tracks, Colors still manages to both entertain and inspire within its relatively short run-time.

Plus, any song with a recorder solo automatically gets bonus points.

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