10 Biggest Albums of 2012 - Autumn/Winter Releases

It looks set to be an exciting time for music new and old, so at least if the world does end come December, musically speaking at least, we’ll be going out with a bang, not a whimper.

And so we have the second of our lists. Myself and, fellow WhatCulture music writer, Rhys Milsom have compiled another list of 10 albums to watch out for this year, this time focussing the latter half of the year and some of the releases with unspecified release dates that are due for dropping this year. Judging by the releases on display, the end half of this year is going to be of just as high a calibre as that of the first half; with some classics in the making, big artists returning, up and comers proving their worth and make or break time for other artists. 2012 looks set to be an exciting time for music new and old, so at least if the world does end come December, musically speaking at least, we€™ll be going out with a bang, not a whimper.

Marilyn Manson €“ Born Villain (early 2012)

Marilyn Manson needs no introduction. His reputation, perhaps wrongly, has been twisted throughout his career so that people have got the completely wrong idea of a man who has played a big part in the musical lives of so many. That reputation precedes his talent as a musician and it is that which has both made him so hated and loved. On stage, he€™s full of charisma and is in-your-face, giving off vibes of rebellion. Off-stage, he€™s quiet, intelligent and quickly shows people that you shouldn€™t judge on appearances. Born Villain will be the predecessor to 2009€™s The High End Of Low, and it€™s definitely going to cause as much controversy as it will with positive acclaim. RM

Say Anything €“ Anarchy, My Dear (early 2012)

Slow and steady wins the race, and Say Anything have been steadily churning out consistentalbum after consistentalbum, though fans are always left on the edge of their seats by the inconsistent behaviour of front man Max Bemis, and driving creative force of Say Anything, through his battles with drug addiction and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Though hardships can channel great creativity and they certainly have with Bemis, always delivering powerful vocal performances of emotive lyrics over a melancholic pop punk backing that€™s as equal parts indie rock as it is cabaret. Whether confessional or telling a story the results are always varied in style but consistent in quality. Anarchy, My Dear will be the band€™s fifth studio album, it will no doubt be received rapturously by fans but will it be the album that finally takes them fully overground? MR

Bring Me The Horizon €“ (album title not yet known; summer 2012)

Hated as much as they are loved, Bring Me The Horizon are the definition of a marmite band. Loathed by the purists who see them as a band defacing the image of heavy music and who refuse to see them for anything but a band relying too much on breakdowns, image and vocalist Olly Sykes€™ popularity with teenage girls. But, loved by their legions of fans for ushering in a new generation of heavy music and showing that with image, substance can follow. The band will always have a stigma surrounding them, but with their last album, €˜There Is a Hell, Believe Me I€™ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let€™s Keep It a Secret€™, the band brought a new aspect to their sound and many doubters changed face and admitted they may have got their first impressions of the band wrong. This new album may be the only chance BMTH have to finally silence their critics, and is sure to be the centre of many heated debates. RM

Black Sabbath €“ (album currently untitled; Autumn 2012)

And so return the fathers. After over a decade of mix and match reunions, fluctuating line up variations and a successful stint with Dio at the fore; the original and some (if not most) would say definitive line up of Black Sabbath return, and not just as a cash cow to tour and churn out the best of like butter. With this reunion comes an as yet untitled new studio album, the first to feature the original line up since Never Say Die, and given the sequence of seminalalbums this line up produced in the embryonic stages of their now collectively vast and expansive music careers, there may still be life in old dogs yet. With master-producer Rick Rubin set to sit behind the desk, having delivered Jonny Cash€™s sublime swansongs and worked with some of the biggest guns in rock and metal; Slipknot, Slayer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down, Metallica, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and a whole amalgamation more of artists spanning a variety of genres, he looks like the best bet to bring out the best in this bunch. Tony Iommi isn€™t even letting lymphoma stop his riffing for this one, so the expectations are high. MR

Paramore €“ (album title not yet known; late 2012)

Paramore made a big impression with their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, back in 2005, and since then they€™ve gone from strength to strength, releasing two critically acclaimed and successful albums since their debut: Riot (2007) and Brand New Eyes (2009). The band has also been nominated for three Grammy Awards. Many of their adoring fans fell in love with the band because of vocalist Hayley Williams: a pin-up with the male fans, and a fashion icon and hero for the female fans. However, her reputation has been rocked by nude photos online and a bust-up with Josh and Zac Farro (former guitarist and drummer), which led to the brothers leaving the band. This new album will be Paramore€™s first without the duo, and many fans are intrigued as to whether the band will stick to their tried and tested sound, or go for something new. RM

Mumford & Sons €“ (album currently untitled; late 2012)

With the release of Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons quickly became nothing short of an astounding success story, taking their indie-folk (only adopting the indie tag when journos decided it was €˜cool€™ to play folk) to the masses and then some. The album produced a number of singles that were always received favourably and given heavy airplay, relentless touring saw them draw in bigger and bigger crowds, then came the award nominations and then came the award wins and appearance after appearance upon list after list of end of the year lists. Mumford & Sons proved with good song craft and a knack for a good melody (if excessive use of the word €˜heart€™), that it€™s possible to take an unlikely sound and an unlikely band right to the top, without compromise. With the band describing the sound of the new album as Doom-Folk, akin to a mix of Black Sabbath and Nick Drake, this is likely to be an interesting follow up for these unlikely heroes. MR

Muse €“ (album title not yet known; late 2012)

Muse are revered in the music community for their unique style. Classed as alternative rock, but associated with progressive rock and other genres such as alternative metal, space rock and even symphonic rock, the band has defied critics and genre classifications throughout their career. Every album they€™ve released has been a success, even though none sound alike. Therefore it€™s no surprise they€™re one of the biggest bands on the planet, and the new album will definitely be one that will, once again, underline a very significant career. The band have kept its sound fairly under-wraps, with bassist Chris Wolstenholme only saying that with the album the band were €˜drawing a line under a certain period€™ of their career. What line he means is unclear, but what is clear is that it€™s going to be another great piece of work. RM

The Killers €“ (album currently untitled; late 2012)

With three out of the four members having enjoyed a solo career during the hiatus that began in 2010 once touring for the band€™s last album, Day & Age, was completed. Having been on the road with each other for the better part of 6 years, the band felt a breather was needed, but for the most part not one€™s to put their creative urges on the backburner solo-projects were spawned to varying qualities and varying reception. However, in 2012 it€™s back to the day job for the band and so far they€™re not giving much away. Though there have been hints that, after Day & Age€™s synth heavy sound, for their fourth album the guitars will be coming back up front with a promise of a return to their roots and a return to rock €˜n€™ roll. Now, whether this means the Glamorous Indie Rock €˜n€™ Roll of their brilliant debut or the Springsteen influenced Sam€™s Town remains to be seen, but with three members having enjoyed solo careers in the band€™s absence, this is likely to be a more shared body of work than previous releases. MR

Soundgarden €“ (album title not yet known; late 2012)

One of the most popular and influential bands in the world, Soundgarden have sold over 21 million records worldwide. When the band broke up in 1997, it didn€™t only come as a shock €“ it came as a huge shake-up within the world of rock, and instigated a re-order of bands popular and successful enough to take Soundgarden€™s place. Arguably, that band never came. So, when the band announced they were re-forming after a massive gap of 13 years, in 2010, many people were ecstatic €“ as is evident by one of their gigs selling out in 15 minutes. This album will be a must-have and there€™s a lot of people on the edge of their seats, waiting for the release. One of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2012. RM

Dre Dre €“ Detox (2012?)

Detox is shaping up to be rap€™s Chinese Democracy - 13 years since the release of his laststudioalbum, announced 12 years ago, production beginning 10 years ago and its due date in recent years being pushed back and falling foul of setbacks, both business and personal. The music world growing as eager as it is impatient for the final reveal, and the final detoxification of modern hip hop. Dr Dre is one of the longest standing elder statesmen of rap and hip hop, cutting his production teeth and rhymes in rap€™s earliest days with NWA, when rap was first really finding its voice and building its own culture, pioneering the G Funk sound and Gangsta Rap, with his solo debut The Chronic, buying up record labels, producing prodigies that given his guidance have risen to the very top themselves and sitting behind the desk making beats for rappers and R€™n€™B stars. Rap€™s original entrepreneur has something to prove with this release, to maintain his throne given the wait and the superstar rappers that have risen to the top in his absence. The two teaser singles I Need a Doctor and Kush were received with mixed opinions; will this album be worth the wait? MR Now these lists are far from definitive lists for the year, but a guideline of just how big this year will be musically speaking. There are a whole load of artists set to release big albums this year no matter your taste, and the lovely music team here will be reviewing them for you. Stay tuned.
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