10 Biggest Earworms Of All Time

Notes like Sandpaper.

Beyonce All The Single Ladies

In the world of pop music, the catchiness of a song alone is enough to put it over the top. After all, if it's able to get stuck in your head, it must be doing something right to keep you singing it once it's over. Then again, even some of the catchiest pieces of music can end up going in the opposite direction.

No matter what way they managed to force themselves into the pop world, these songs have lingered on for a lot longer than most of us would have cared to. While not being overplayed or anything, the strength behind these songs are their refusal to go away in the minds of those who hear them, either through some incredibly corny line or just the relentless hookiness of the chorus. As much as some of these may drive us up the wall, there are still some that manage to stay pretty consistently great across their runtime as well.

Even though none of these songs are meaning to do anything all that flashy, their way of sticking with you is enough to have them pay rent in some small part of your headspace. Whether you even like it or not, chances are you're going to have one of these stuck in your head for the rest of the day today. You're welcome.

10. Photograph - Nickelback

In all of rock music, not too many acts inspire the type of venomous slamming that Nickelback does. As much as they may have started strong on albums like The State, they have managed to do everything in their power to sour that potential on each subsequent project. The only problem is...this kind of crap does have a tendency to latch onto you.

Then again, the idea of Photograph actually being seen as a good song has long since faded since 2005, being more of a punchline these days than anything else. Across each respective year, this song still finds its way onto the radar despite having virtually no cohesion and one of Chad Kroeger's least flattering husky performances. Hell, we may have even had the opportunity to forget it too...even it hadn't been for the memes.

Since the invention of the Internet, Photograph has become one of the most recognizable Nickelback tracks, outshining even How You Remind Me for cultural relevance. Let's face it...there's not one of you who hasn't seen the memes of Chad Kroeger intoning that infamous "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH" line over one of the most tone-deaf notes of all time. While they're good for a laugh every once in a while, the fact that memes were able to revive this song should tell us that we don't yet understand the power that this medium wields.


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