10 Biggest Metal Albums Still To Come In 2019

Slipknot, Tool, Opeth: who will dominate this incredible metal year?

Roadrunner Records

Sentences like this get trotted out every single year, but 2019 has brought an incredible array of rich, varied heavy metal releases thus far.

Big hitters like Devin Townsend, Soilwork, Periphery, and Baroness have all come through with huge, well-received records, with each one sure to future on many an 'Album of the Year' list when the time comes. On the underground, deathgrind stalwarts Full Of Hell came through with their most fully-formed release yet in "Weeping Choir," Saor's staggering "Forgotten Paths," well, soared, and Thank You Scientist have owned the prog lane with "Terraformer."

There are hundreds more. That's the thing about great music in 2019: it's essentially infinite, and a quick trawl through Bandcamp, Spotify, and the music blogs should yield many, many more.

The most encouraging thing is that this fruitful year is about to get even more exciting, with some of metal's biggest acts ready to unleash. For fairness' sake, only albums with confirmed release dates are included within, meaning there's no room for the likes of Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Obituary, and co. Note the adjective, too: "biggest," not "best."

Let's run through this all-star group...


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