10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Music

10. Did Someone Kill Bobby Fuller?

bobby fuller

Bobby Fuller was an American rock singer and guitarist who was prolific in 60s. In 1964 he moved to Los Angeles with his band The Bobby Fuller Four, and was signed to Mustang Records. There he recorded several hits including Let Her Dance, Love's Made A Fool Of You and probably most famously, I Fought The Law.

Within months of I Fought The Law becoming a top ten hit, however, tragedy struck. Fuller was found dead in a car parked outside his apartment in Hollywood. The subsequent autopsy presented more questions that it answered. Fuller's entire body was covered in petechial hemorrhages, which are purplish spots on the skin caused by broken capillary blood vessels, likely caused by gasoline vapours.

No other discernible injury was discovered, yet the sections for €œaccident€ and €œsuicide€ on the autopsy report were both ticked with question marks scrawled beside them. In the end, there was never any conclusive timeline of events, and many believe that Fuller was actually murdered. Jim Reese (one of the band members of The Bobby Fuller Four) actually stated that he believed Charles Manson may have been involved.

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