10 Biggest WTF Moments In '90s Rock Music

The '90s were an absolutely insane time to be involved in rock music, as these moments prove.

u2 numb

From January 1st 1990 to December 31st 1999, the world underwent some serious changes.

The World Wide Web gained prominence, the Soviet Union crumbled and collapsed, and Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman got married and then quickly divorced.

That might have had something to do with the fact that he was 34 and she was 22...

Anyway, let's keep on track and talk about some of the wildest, wackiest moments of the decade where music was concerned.

Rock was in a constant state of flux throughout the 90s, as hair metal faded into obscurity to make way for the rise of indie, grunge, and nu metal.

One thing that didn't change was the genre's proximity to insane events, as plenty of mad stuff went down over the course of just ten years.

Wild onstage incidents, outlandish unions, failed concerts, and just some really weird music, there was all of this and more going on before the clock ticked over into the new millennium.

It should be noted that we'll be discussing some fairly unpleasant stuff in this list, including death, suicide, and various other unpleasantries.

Reader discretion is advised.

10. U2’s Numb Video

Irish rock giants U2 don't seem like the artsy types.

They're usually fairly by the books, churning out massive radio-friendly tunes with chunky guitar chords and Bono crowing about peace and love.

So imagine how surprised everyone was when this bizarre thing came along.

Numb, the lead single from the group's 1993 album Zooropa, got a music video that same year. And what a video is was.

The song is already pretty strange, as it's guitarist The Edge providing lead vocals instead of Bono. He's also the focal point of the video, which sees him staring directly down the camera as some truly random stuff happens to him.

Some women turn up and lick him. A child arrives just to poke him in the face. He gets prodded by some mysterious people's feet. Then the rest of the band get involved, tying his face up with rope and then pushing him over.

The 90s was full of odd music videos, but nobody expected something quite so leftfield from a band who are usually so straightlaced.

It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination. They should do more stuff like this.

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