10 Blatantly Unfinished Albums (That Were Released Anyway)

What albums from classic artists needed a bit more work?

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There's a lot of pressure on artists to release albums to strict deadlines, none the least because they have to book tours to support them months in advance. Although (as demonstrated by some artists on this list) streaming services mean that musicians now have the luxury to edit their records as and when they please - updating track lists, tinkering with mixes, and even adding entire new songs - there is still a high demand for physical copies of albums, meaning musicians still want to perfect their records before sending them out to the world.

This, of course, can lead to albums that feel rushed and incomplete, often sagging from a succession of weak tracks, sporadic running orders, bare mixes and underdeveloped ideas, as artists rush to release their records before they are fully complete.

A number of albums on this list were actually delayed -- sometimes for considerable periods of time - from their original release date, and yet somehow still managed to hit the market feeling unfinished or unrealised. There are few things fans find more frustrating than a scrapped album (as any My Chemical Romance fan will tell you), but a number of records on this list prove that sometimes artists should just scrap the ideas that don't work, rather than scrambling to release them anyway.

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