10 Celebs Who Survived Shocking Assassination Attempts

These celebrities all survived shocking attempts on their lives, some even by their own fans.


Some crazed and obsessed fans will do just about anything to get the attention of their favourite celebrities. Remember John Hinckley Jr? He attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan in an attempt to gain the favour of Jodie Foster. Some fans even kill the object of the obsession, such as Mark Chapman's murder of John Lennon.

Not all attempts on celebrities lives are by obsessed fans (although some of the most famous may have been). Some people out there have extremely strong vendettas against some celebrities out there. Others believe they have been sent by God himself to kill a certain celebrity.

Luckily not all attempts on the lives of famous people have been a success, here are ten bizarre assassination attempts that celebrities did manage to survive.


10. Joss Stone

Andrew Matthews/PA Archive

In June 2011 two men, Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool, were arrested in Devon after residents reported the two for acting suspiciously. A search of their car revealed a samurai sword, a section of hosepipe, a hammer, a spike, black bags and tape. It was quickly uncovered that the pair were plotting to rob and behead singer Joss Stone.

The two are alleged to have targeted Stone due to her social connections to the British Royal Family. However during his trial, Bradshaw claimed that he had never heard of Joss Stone prior to his arrest. During sentencing, the Judge declared that Liverpool had recruited Bradshaw, who suffers from disorganised schizophrenia, into his scheme to rob a millionaire.

Both men were found guilty of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to rob. Both were sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of ten years, although Bradshaw's sentencing was adjourned due to mental illness.

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