10 Classic Albums That Were Originally Considered Failures

Classics' Cold Reception.

Capitol Records

There's no set formula as to what makes a classic album. No matter which decade you find yourself in, making a classic comes down to having a creative spark while being at the right place at the right time. Even if time is kind to some of your greatest work, no artist is safe from their fair share of critics.

Although almost all of these records have become called legendary in their respective fields, the original rollout was not as amazing as many might expect. But what exactly constitutes a failure? There's no real way to gauge how bad an album is necessarily, but the hatred can come from all sorts of places. If it was a new creative venture for the band, there could be fans and critics who are quick to call the band out for failing to live up to their other classics.

At the same time, these albums have even gotten thrown through the mud by the artists themselves, who think that they aren't half as good as what they could have been. These albums may have had a rough ride achieving their legendary status, but when all the smoke clears, good songs can transcend any critique.

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