10 Classic Rock Bands Never Better Than Their First Album

Burning Too Bright Too Quickly.


The era of the '60s through to the end of the '80s is commonly known as one of the greatest times for rock and roll. No matter what genre of rock you listened to from glam rock to heavy metal, there's a high probability that some of your favourite albums of the genre came out during that timeframe. However, even though the best of the best have risen to the top, some bands just couldn't build off their initial momentum.

Even if these bands had stellar starting points, their career never took them as high as they might have thought. Does that mean these bands weren't talented? No. Most of them have actually had pretty prosperous careers going on after their initial success, but they always seemed cursed to live in the shadow of their first effort. In some cases, these acts never even got that big, but people found out that their debut held up pretty well.

These are just an assortment of legendary acts who have been stuck trying to recreate their initial magic for years now. They may have had a bunch of other hits down the line, but when it comes to the classic tunes, nothing beats the originals.


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