10 Classic Rock Bands That Got Better After Selling Out

The Upside of Cashing In.


When it comes to the music business, selling out seems to be one of the worst crimes an artist can commit. While most fans will stand by their favorite acts, many listeners are left feeling burned after a band changes their sound to reach a broader audience. This often lead to fans either writing off their favorite acts or complaining to their friends that "they used to better back in the day."

At the same time, no one said that selling out had to always be a drawback. On the rare occasion, some bands are able to sell out and become even greater than they were in their early years. Sure, their previous material may have been great, but the possibilities for them to pull off other styles would lead to even greater musical feats down the road.

Though it's essential for a band to be true to themselves, sometimes hanging onto your old sound is what's holding you back from being something legendary. While playing rock is fun, there's a plethora of material waiting for you out in the wild. These acts may have gotten blowback for "selling out," but it's hard to deny how great they became after they hit it big.


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