10 Classic Rock Songs That Were Likely Inspired From Other Songs

9. My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

By the time George Harrison had left the Beatles, he had a much greater backlog than any of his contemporaries could even dream of. Since the Lennon/McCartney machine dominated most of the band's work up until this point, George was itching to make a solo record, causing his first solo outing to balloon into a triple album of all new material. Things were looking up for a moment, until someone took question with one of the record's biggest hits.

Kicking the album's energy off, My Sweet Lord is a tender moment of George finally finding some spiritual enlightenment, with bits and pieces of gospel musicians added into the mix. When George's melody comes into the mix, the similarities to the song He's So Fine by the Chiffons resulted in George being taken up in court for allegedly lifting the entire song for his breakout hit. Although this made for some humorous moments like George bringing his guitar into the court to demonstrate, the law ruled in favor of the Chiffons, leading to them getting a writing credit and most of the royalties from the song.

That may not have slowed George down as a songwriter, but he had mentioned that it shook his confidence just a little bit, saying that he was paranoid for the next few years about the situation potentially repeating. He did learn to laugh at the outcome though, and wrote Sue Me Sue You Blues as one of the featured tracks on his next record.

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