10 Classic Rock Songs That Were Written For Someone Else

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The entire music business has not always known to be the most wholesome of places. Songwriters are out for blood in this field, and it's usually every man for himself when it comes to who gets to become the stars. When you're reached a certain level of songwriter though, you sometimes have too many good songs to go around.

Looking to break out of their usual wheelhouse, these are the few times where artists tried to write a song with a different person in mind. Whether it was a collab that they wanted to do or just wanting to expand themselves as songwriters, these are the kind of songs that were meant to be a change of pace from the standard that these people have set for themselves. Then again, not every one of these musicians were able to actually get their versions of songs to the artist in question.

Did that stop them? Hell no. Choosing to just record these on their own, these songs went on to either become hits by themselves or deep album cuts that are among some of the biggest fan favorites in the group's catalog. Just because you sound like someone else doesn't make it a bad idea. Every band needs a shakeup once in a while, and this is the kind of exercise that lets you know what you're capable of.

10. As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones

No one in their right mind was turning to someone like The Rolling Stones in the '60s for wholesome content. At the same time that the Beatles were bringing the British Invasion overseas, the caricature of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were the model for the dangerous boy that no mother would have approved of. Every rocker has a sensitive side though, and the Stones actually got their ballads in early on As Tears Go By.

Around the time that they were just getting started writing their original material, Jagger and Richards were also being commissioned to write for other artists on the side. Since Mick's girlfriend Marianne Faithfull also happened to be a terrific singer in her own right, you can tell that she was on his mind when he was writing this track, having that delicate sound that Faithfull was perfect for in her prime.

They didn't even bother to give the track much breathing room either, with Marianne's version being released at almost the exact same time that the Stones put out their version. Granted, Faithfull's original is probably remembered a little bit more, if only for the fact that her voice really fits in this song a lot more than Mick's trademark snarl. Still, this is the kind of track that makes for a good deep dive for Stones fan and a lesson for anyone who looks down on rock and rollers. Sure, they may seem threatening, but the real ones also have a heart underneath it all.

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