10 Classic Songs About How The Music Industry Sucks

9. This Song - George Harrison

And now we come to the most hated people in the music industry: the lawyers. If you’re the one responsible for the music, these are the guys that either want to protect you or want to take you for all you’re worth. And when you’re a name as big as George Harrison, you’ve seen your fair share of shady business deals.

Although Harrison was riding high after the Beatles’ breakup with My Sweet Lord, he was in hot water after being accused of plagiarizing his biggest hit from the song He’s So Fine by the Chiffons. While Harrison admitted that the entire suit began to shake his confidence as a songwriter, his self therapy was writing This Song, which serves as a warning to anyone even looking to become a songwriter.

Taking the more comical approach to his business deal, the entire track is a play by play of all the BS you have to shovel through once you get into the courtroom, as well as a warning of what could happen when you find yourself stepping on somebody else’s note. The video doesn’t even try to hold anything back, with George’s friends as well as a few members of Monty Python dressing in legal garb while Harrison desperately tries to fight off the case. Music should always be about expressing yourself, but when you’re in court, nothing is off the table.

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