10 Classic Songs That Weren't Supposed To Be Hits

9. Times Like These - Foo Fighters

As the Foo Fighters entered the new millennium, they had already gone through their fair share of hardships. After losing nearly half of his band on the road and in the production for the album The Colour and the Shape, Dave Grohl's comedown on There Is Nothing Left to Lose put them on safer ground. Little did he know that the real strain was just around the corner.

Going into the recording for One By One, Grohl had to deal with almost losing Taylor Hawkins to a drug overdose and then come to blows with Hawkins after threatening to dissolve the band when the sessions weren't coming together. After deciding to shelve the original version of the record, the rerecording of the album led to Grohl including one more track called Times Like These, which he wrote in the middle of the tense times.

For all intents and purposes, this track was just an afterthought for the record, and yet it became the breakthrough single that sent them into the stratosphere one more time.

Although All My Life may have satisfied the rockers in the audience, this was the track that managed to sell a lot of people on the Foos' longevity, complete with a main riff played in an odd time signature. Along with the kickass subject matter of working your way through hard times, this should be remembered based on its place in the Foos' history alone.

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