10 Concept Albums That Make Absolutely No Sense

The Age-Old Tale Of...What?

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The concept album is normally seen as an amazing stepping stone for any rock act. Instead of just sitting one out and just making a bunch of songs that tie together nicely, the act of telling a story with nothing but music proves that you are an artist in every sense of the would. That doesn't make everything artsy necessarily good though.

Compared to the more operatic stylings of something like Tommy by the Who or Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull, these concept albums were pretty much doomed from the start. Even though the artists in question may have had the best intentions in mind when crafting these, the actual results are a lot more slipshot than you probably remember. Rather than tie everything up nicely, a lot of these conceptual stories left us with a lot more questions than it did answers. Then again, that might not always be the artists' fault, with labels sometimes doing what they want with the track listing.

Other times though, the concept just proves to be too complex for even the sharpest musical minds to hurdle. Concept albums might have a special place in rock history, but these projects probably aren't as smart as they think they are.

10. Chris Gaines - Garth Brooks

Adopting an alter ego to suit your music has been nothing new in the world of music. Hell, from the world of rock with David Bowie being Ziggy Stardust to Beyonce trading in her usual schtick for Sasha Fierce, it's not the worst thing in the world to adopt some other persona to suit the music you're playing. However, it would help if that new character actually made a bit of sense.

Going into his next project in the late '90s, Garth Brooks got a call from a production company about making a film with him as the star, supposedly about a disgruntled rock star being chewed up and spit out by the masses. While the actual film never materialized, Brooks adopted the project hook, line, and sinker, writing an entire album's worth of material under the alias of Chris Gaines.

Since there was no set plot made for the movie, most of this runs like the diary of a man that many of us have no real connection with. Given that it was supposed to be used in the film, most of the answers to questions in Lost In You are probably in the filing cabinets of some executive's desk in Hollywood. Seeing how Brooks is back on the country front though, it's anyone's guess to whether this will ever be explained in the future.

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