10 Covers You Keep Mistaking For The Original Song

More artists borrowed their way to success than you may think.


There are many reasons why someone would want to cover another artist's song. It could be out of genuine love for the work and wanting to re-release it through your own voice, as a tribute of admiration to the original artist, as a way of using nostalgia for a song to bring it into a new era, or just to make a quick buck off of an established piece of music.

Whatever the case, covers are certainly a mainstay of the modern music industry.

However, there are some that have been released over the years that have actually surpassed the original in popularity. When released in the right place at the right time, a cover can eclipse its predecessor and come out on top when it comes to withstanding the test of time. So much so, that there are some popular, recognisable and attributable tracks out there you may have heard a million times without even realizing that they are, in fact, covers.


Here are just ten examples of various songs you may have just thought were the original version, yet there's someone else in need of crediting instead...

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