10 Cracking Songs Released After The Artist Died

John Lennon When great musicians die in the midst of their career, their fans are devastated, the story of their death circulates the news for days on end and their songs are played on the radio as the presenters and their fans pay their respects to a loved artist. Sometimes weeks, months or even years after their deaths, new and unheard songs are found €“ some recorded fully, others just scratchy demo versions. When these are released, it is a brilliant moment for fans who had thought that they had heard the last of their favourite musician. Here, we celebrate ten fantastic musicians who died before their time and ten brilliant songs that they were unable to release in their lifetimes.

10. John Bonham €“ Darlene

John Bonham On the 25th September 1980, John Bonham, the drummer of the band Led Zeppelin, was found dead by fellow band member John Paul Jones and the bands tour manager. Bonham died from choking on his own vomit in his sleep, having drunk continuously the previous day. After his death, despite the many musicians who could have replaced him, Led Zeppelin decided to disband. Two years later, the album Coda was released, containing unused tracks and outtakes that spanned the bands career. The album included the song Darlene, which had originally been cut from the album 'In Through The Out Door', released in 1979. The song was a completely new release, having never been played live. Every band member had worked on this song, so after a tragic death and disbandment, it was nice for fans to have an unheard song to celebrate the twelve years of the band.

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