10 Craziest Reasons Musicians Cancelled Gigs

Pigeon defecation and... just being sick of it all.


Musicians cancel gigs all the time, but it's usually for a good reason.

Maybe someone is sick, they've lost the ability to perform for a bit, or someone in the band passed away. It's sad, but it happens, and when things like this occur, the fans are often disappointed, but they're usually understanding.

Then, there are the musicians who cancel a performance for reasons beyond anyone's comprehension. They might be feeling strange, have done something weird, or just be weird people themselves. Whatever their reason, it doesn't often fit in the ones described above.

Canceled gigs have been going on for about as long as people have performed in front of crowds, and while most of these are relatively benign stories without much interest, every once in a while, someone cancels a performance and the fans are left scratching their heads.

These may not be the worst reasons a band or performer has sidelined their careers to cancel a performance, but they certainly stand out - and not for the best reasons.

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