10 Creepy Myths Surrounding Popular Songs

Music in the key of 'Argh'

By Dina Regine [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Show-businesses is positively rife with tall tales of studio hauntings, cursed actors and roles that cause considerable harm to those who undertake them. The music industry is no different. As a medium often steered by those with either a lofty imagination or a taste for hard drugs, music is home to bizarre urban legends of its own, some of which are more interesting than the singers and songs they accompany.

Thanks to strained relationships with government bodies, concerned parent groups and censorship activists, rock & roll and everything in between has often struggled to gain the trust of the public, and various bands and singers have occasionally seen their otherwise good(ish) names besmirched by false rumours and myths that still persist to this day.

In other cases, the artists themselves have drummed up hyperbolic claims pertaining to the unholy or unnatural properties of their songs, claims that have then taken on a life of their own.

From Faustian tales of Devilish deals to tragically ironic car crashes and back-masked subliminal messages, some of history’s timeless tunes have been followed by downright spooky legends.

They aren’t all true, but their mere existence is enough to give you pause, the next time you go to hit ‘play’…

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