10 Criminally Underrated Beatles Tracks

6. What You're Doing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BAWax0PuJ4 While John Lennon was a specialist in spite and vitriol it€™s rare to catch a glimpse of an angry McCartney, therefore this often-overlooked track from Beatles For Sale is perhaps one of the best examples we have of a miffed Macca. Ringo€™s Phil Spector-esque drums usher in a twelve-string guitar riff from George Harrison €“ a sound that paved the way for the career and sound of The Byrds. What You€™re Doing features a somewhat out of character €˜angry€™ lyric from Paul McCartney, possibly reflecting troubles he was facing in his relationship with Jane Asher, but he still delivers a typically sweet vocal (we suspect Lennon would have spat out the lyrics with a lot more venom). The band seemingly had difficulty getting the song down and abandoned it in September 1964 before returning to finish it in late October. The break seemingly worked as McCartney manages to coax distinctive and spirited performances out of both Starr and Harrison.
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