10 Criminally Underrated Beatles Tracks

3. Rain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrL-bYpY9Cc Rain is perhaps not as underrated as others on this list, having grown in stature and influence in the forty eight years since it was recorded. But it is yet to be widely recognised as one of The Beatles greatest songs. Despite being nearly fifty years old, Rain still sounds as fresh as it undoubtedly did in 1966. Placed on the b-side to Paperback Writer, Rain is a rock classic featuring Ringo Starr€™s finest performance behind the drums and one of Lennon€™s most powerful vocals. Starr crams every possible moment with backward fills and tumbles as Lennon elongates every €˜€œRaaiiiiiin€™ and €˜Shiiiiine€™ - it€™s no surprise that an early incarnation of Oasis was called The Rain. McCartney€™s high soloing bass line matches the virtuoso performance from Starr and the stunning concoction fades out as backward vocals loop in the coda. It remains one of the most thrilling moments of the Beatles' career.
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