10 Criminally Underrated Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

9. Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead

Unfortunately for Ripping Corpse, 'Dreaming With the Dead' was both their first and last album. As a wise man once said though, "It's better to burn out than to fade away."

Famed guitarist and producer Erik Rutan got his start here, rocking listeners' socks off long before Hate Eternal burst onto the scene. With the death metal trend in full swing by 1991, Ripping Corpse looked to combine the two subgenres into one especially loud sound.

For the most part, they succeed admirably in blending the fast-paced fury of thrash with the guttural hate of death metal. Every track is sick and twisted on the lyrical front, more than living up to the grisly expectations of the death scene at the time. The breakneck pace, meanwhile, is pure unadulterated thrash.

Despite receiving fairly little recognition at the time, Ripping Corpse's ultraviolent hybridisation of two genres influenced the next wave of thrashers. In remaining true to their thrash metal interests whilst trying to curtail to death metal fanatics, they formed an evolutionary sound for both genres.

A must listen for Rutan fans and anyone who loves blowing off some steam to a hard-hitting audio gorefest.

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