10 Darkest Rock Albums Of The 70s

9. Draw the Line - Aerosmith

Most of the horror stories that come from these albums have more to due with what's going on behind the scenes a lot of the time. Even though the record may sound amazing from cover to cover, you can also hear the cry for help that's going on beyond the vocal booth. And now that the Bad Boys From Boston were on top of the world, Draw the Line was the moment where everything started to hit a brick wall.

Camping out in an abandoned site called the Centinel, most of the production behind this record was nothing but the band getting high off their ass in between takes, with Joe Perry not even leaving his room for days since he was so messed up on heroin. When they did finally get on the same page though, this was not the same kind of freewheeling energy you got on Rocks or Toys in the Attic, as Steven Tyler started writing from a darker place like on Draw the Line or Kings and Queens.

Even though there are some songs that reach the same level of bombast as their early work like I Wanna Know Why, you could almost see the writing on the wall that the band was done, which would come to pass just a few months later when Perry quit to go solo midway through the tour. They may have went down like gods every single night in the stadiums, but they were under siege the minute that the stage lights went out.

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