10 Darkest Songs John Lennon Ever Wrote

So, Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise...


Of all The Beatles’ music, most people first encounter their classic pop made for the masses. Tracks can seem lame and twee, singing about handholding and women called Eleanor.

The White Album though, changed this.

It's like nothing you’ve ever heard from a thousand imitators in the same listening experience. It converts critics into fans, even if they qualify liking ‘just their experimental stuff’, and insists that drugs deserve a heap of song writing credits. The White Album sees a darker undercurrent in The Beatles’ music. It is an album that is largely open to interpretation, as taken to the extreme by infamous cult leader Charlie Manson, who decoded the tracks to inform part of his post-apocalyptic Helter Skelter scenario.

Of the ‘Fab Four’, John Lennon has the most complex legacy. From inspiring other generational idols such as Kurt Cobain to a past which dogged him throughout his life and career – notably his parental abandonment, abusive relationships, and jealousy issues - Lennon was given the chance to make large steps towards making amends.

He processed many of his personal demons through songwriting, and that led to some notably dark moments.

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