10 Delayed Hard Rock Albums That Weren't Worth The Wait

All That Wait For Nothing.

Black Sabbath 13

It's always a shame when a record needs to be pushed back again and again. Here you have a band that just wants to release their music, and some circumstances over money or some diva in the group is preventing it from seeing the light of day. Then again, once the hear the album they were going to release, maybe it was for the best that some of these were kept in the vault.

Compared to what we were used to from these acts, these are the records that feel hollow next to the classics of the genre. Since most of the delays for these albums got fans eager with anticipation, this is where the record is too underwhelming for any of the fans to even care anymore. And at the worst points, some of them are even downright treasonous to what you know these groups for in the first place.

Hell, some of the records don't even have to be all that bad. Some of them might end up sounding pretty good, but when you take into account how long you had to wait, it's not nearly as good as it could have been. While it's good to keep your fans itching for more, these are the records that make us scratch our heads and ask what all that time was spent on.

10. You're Welcome - A Day To Remember

It almost stings putting the most recent entry on this list to something that came out this year. We can all agree that A Day To Remember certainly took their time with this one though, going so far as to delay the album once the pandemic started and than leading off with one lackluster single after another. Once we actually had the album in front of us though, it was liking listening to a totally different band.

From the opening of songs like F.Y.M., this is clearly a quantum leap from the group who brought us albums like Homesick or Common Courtesy just a few years before. While many people have been pointing the finger at them for selling out, it also has a lot to do with them switching labels to Fueled By Ramen, which isn't necessarily known for the millions of metal leaning acts on their roster or anything.

That's not to say that the entire album is without a few bright spots. The amount of love and care that's put into songs like Brick Wall definitely show you that the band still has the chops to make something with the potential to tear your head off. Coming after a record like this though, ADTR definitely have their work cut out for them if they're hoping to transition back to the hard rock side of things.

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