10 Dream Heavy Metal Tour Line-Ups

Fantasy bills to wrestle the money from your wallet.

Yui Mok/PA Wire

In heavy metal, there’s nothing quite like seeing a dream tour line-up come together. That feeling of logging in to Facebook or Twitter and seeing that your favourite band has announced a continent-wide trek with your other favourite band is second to none, and regularly promises an evening of good times and unwavering excitement in the near-future.

But with metal being arguably the largest genre in music today, it feels like we have only reached the tip of the iceberg with regard to pant-wettingly exciting tour bills. It only takes the most minuscule amount of digging for a metalhead to quickly look up and go, “Wait, why the hell haven’t these two hit the road together yet?!”

As a result, this list is going to detail ten dream heavy metal tours that, given the opportunity, have the potential to sell-out venues all over the world. Whether it’s to use established names to elevate underground up-and-comers, celebrate a genre-defining scene with all of its big players under one roof, or just an elaborate excuse to get two similar and magnificent names in the same spot, these are ten line-ups that the metal world needs to experience.

(NB: We’re only working with bands that are currently active. No reunion tours allowed!)


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