10 Essential Albums From 2019 You Need To Hear

The year's mandatory listening.


2019 has been a banner year for new releases. With the decade now coming to a close, it seems as if many musicians have saved their best work for last. From rock to pop to rap to R&B, any listener is destined to find something spectacular that came out this year.

Many high-profile acts found time to spread their artistic wings this year while other legacy acts continued to churn out material that was way above average.

But the biggest trend of 2019 was the musical surprise. Whether it be a switch up in style or tone, some albums weren't what was expected but demanded your attention regardless.

Hell, even some of the debut releases this year left fans chomping at the bit for more.

This music has left me eager to see what musical ventures are awaiting us in the coming decade. So let's stop wasting time and go through 10 spectacular records that need to end up on your spin-list before the year is out.


10. Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?

This will come as a surprise to absolutely no one. If you listened to any kind of music this year, chances are Billie Eilish has found her way into your playlist in some form or another. Eilish has officially established herself as the breakout artist of year with this debut. Eilish even saw mainstream success even with her eclectic mix of genres.

Her delivery is reminiscent of someone like Lorde while also having the edginess of a more rock-centric performer. She also has a totally distinctive robotic delivery which makes for an uneasy but enjoyable listen.

Billie's rise to stardom reminds me a lot of an artist like Bjork. While the comparison may seem a bit unusual, stick with me here. Bjork is another performer whose music sounds like its coming from the other end of consciousness. I have the same feeling with When We All Fall Asleep... It's almost as if the music is speaking to a different part of your brain. With its many accolades, Billie has proven to be a fantastic breath of fresh air for the pop chart. This kind of music helps to show a direction pop can go at the turn of the decade.

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