10 Worst Number One Rock Albums Of The 1990s

The 90s had many troughs alongside its considerable peaks.

Nine Lives - Aerosmith

If you grew up in the 90s and were a fan of rock music, then chances are you still think it's the greatest decade for the genre since records began.

Whilst the slimy seal that covers most of the era may put some people off, there's an argument to be made that, even from an objective standpoint, the 90s absolutely delivered on the rock front.

Metallica found a new groove, pop punk started to run riot, and oh, have you heard of a little thing called grunge? Probably.

With all that being said, like any decade in music, where there were highs in the 90s, there were some shockingly low lows.

When an 80s version of this list was being put together, it was extremely difficult to find ten chart-topping records that could be considered wholly "bad", such was the quality on display.

For this decade, there are still a few albums that, in an ideal situation, wouldn't be here, but it was much, much easier to find some real tosh to take up the higher positions.

Any 90s kids in the audience might want to look away now.

10. Alice In Chains - Alice In Chains

Already, this list has thrown up a name that a lot of people will be very upset with.

As one of the main players in the grunge movement, Alice in Chains became massively successful with their first two albums, Facelift and Dirt. In 1995, out came their difficult third album, the thrillingly-named "Alice in Chains".

The two big ones off this album, which is also known as "Dog" in some circles, as it features a three-legged mutt on the front cover, are Grind and Again. Both songs are great, but critics weren't too happy with the project as a whole.

A number of publications noted how disjointed the album felt, and how it seemed as if one of the bands that had helped popularise grunge were now refusing to fully commit to it. This reflects the state of the group at the time, as infighting was rife amongst the members.

Despite all this, Alice in Chains (the album) gave Alice in Chains (the band) their first and only week at number one in November 1995. This would be their final studio release until 2009.

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