10 Essential Rock Albums Of The 2010s

Let's turn it up to eleven.


As a rock fan, is there anything better than snapping on your headphones, turning the volume up far beyond the healthy, suggested level (screw you Apple, tinnitus is for future us to worry about) and listening to an album by a band who are nearly as angry as you are? It's the standard solution to all things: sad music when you're sad, angry music when you're angry.

And boy, oh, boy, did the 2010s give all of us a good few reasons to be utterly furious nearly all the time. That's why it's such a happy coincidence that they also provided some of the best, angriest, noisiest records we've heard in a while.

Now, obviously there's a lot more amazing albums than what we've listed here, but we feel like these are certainly taken from the cream of the crop. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are some of the best rock albums from what can only be described as the most pissed off decade in recent history.


10. PUP - Morbid Stuff

Since their self-titled debut album and sophomore effort, The Dream Is Over, PUP have always felt like they were just a few steps away from something great. They were by no means a bad band, they could churn out plenty of catchy, shouty punk tunes, but there was just something missing.

Then came Morbid Stuff and PUP finally stopped being a good band and started being a goddamn phenomenal one. Sure, a lot of the ingredients are still the same on Morbid Stuff: Stefan Babcock still screams till his throat threatens to give way again, the guitars are still fuzzy, and the drums are still thunderous. It's familiar territory, but it's almost as though they knew those ingredients worked, but they finally figured out the right amounts to make the recipe work.

A perfect example of this is on the track Scorpion Hill, which Babcock explained was influenced by a pretty horrible sounding night they spent at a fan's house. Scorpion Hill shows that Babcock isn't limited to snotty singing about break ups and drinking too much but is capable of composing tightly structured fictional narratives too.

Morbid Stuff also showcased the fact that PUP were capable of having fun with their music. Bloody Mary Kate and Ashley is simultaneously one of the funniest, stupidest and catchiest songs that came out last year. It's nice to know this album proves Babcock's grandmother wrong because Morbid Stuff is far from a pointless use of potential.

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