10 Failed Songs That Became Cult Classics

Right Song, Wrong Time.

El Scorcho

Sometimes you can't really judge good art unless it's in hindsight. Since the dawn of time, things that have captured the mainstream's attention have only done so after years and years of development. Though we make look back on some of these songs fondly, you'd be shocked to think of how bad a showing they had right out of the gate.

Though some of these records saw a small amount of success in their time, they were originally just written off as average or just outright bad by the mainstream at large. So, how did they come around to be tolerable again? Well, it could have just been being at the wrong place at the wrong time, or it could have been just lumped in with the more generic pop that populated the radio at the time. Even if some of them were good, they wouldn't get half the attention they deserved if the songs around them were terrible.

Nevertheless, fans have returned to these songs and have found that they actually hold up a lot better than they remember. These songs may have not gotten their fair shake when they were first released, but they've been affecting the music world at large for decades now.

10. Don't Go Away - Oasis

Be Here Now by Oasis is normally known as the shroud for the Britpop genre. After two stellar albums to their name with Definitely Maybe and What's the Story? Morning Glory, the Gallagher brothers turned in one of the most half-baked followups in rock and roll, with every song being stretched to unnecessary proportions. Every single critic seems to have a sour take on this album, but most diehard Oasis have still found merit in "Don't Go Away."

Right off the bat, the song still has a lot of the trappings of Be Here Now, given its overly long length and a pretty generic chord progression by rock standards. However, while the rest of the album feels like the band coaxing off of name recognition, this is the one track that actually feels genuine, as if Noel Gallagher has had to sacrifice a serious relationship in order to get to where he is today.

It is a bit long in places, but the charm and desperation in Liam's voice feels like the song deserves to be as long as it is. There's a lot of boring tracks filtered throughout this album, but if you listen hard enough, songs like these come to the forefront to wow you just like the old Oasis did.

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