10 Famous Musicians Who Literally Did The Same Thing Every Time

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As a musician, there's always a certain element of adventure to the way you approach writing a song. Every time you sit down with your instrument of choice, it's an open canvas to take your composition in any direction that you want to. Then again, there's nothing wrong with finding your lane and staying in it either.

All across the music spectrum, there have been artists that have come out with a slew of material that goes for the same kind of sound every single time. This might seem like a turnoff for some, but knowing your strengths as a musician is rarely ever a bad thing. Instead of coming off as bland over the years, these artists have refined their sound to a near perfection where they can practically do no wrong.

The careers of these artists may have waxed and waned over time, but their ability to give listeners what they want to hear have made them some of the most reliable musicians in the business. With bands changing up their sound left and right, there's something to respect about these artists that found their sweet spot and ran with it. Here are the artists that made the same song and never made it sound boring.

10. Always Singing The Blues - ZZ Top

Coming out of the heart of Texas in the late 60's, ZZ Top were poised to become one of the biggest blues bands imaginable. Everything from their tasty licks to their frontmen's luscious beards gave the impression of seasoned veterans who lived and breathed every aspect of their craft.

That being said, the majority of ZZ Top's catalog never strays all that far out of the typical chord progressions that you find in any blues tune. Even if the sound is brought through synthesizers on albums like Eliminator, the actual structure of the song never tends to work its way out of the typical 12 bar shuffle. Hell, even the band's most successful track "La Grange" never bothers to move its chord aside from once during the solo.

On the other hand, that tried and true sound works absolute wonders when fed through Billy Gibbons's amplifier. The way he weaves together solos while the band thunders away is nothing short of musical perfection. No matter how many times you may have heard that tired old blues foundation, ZZ Top always finds a way to keep it low to the ground and grooving. It may only be a few chords, but this little ol' band from Texas prove that those chords are all they need to wow us.


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