10 Famous Rock Albums That Were Almost Called Something Else

9. Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind (Almost Called “Food For Thought”)

When it comes to metal bands, you don't get them more British than Bruce Dickinson and his squadron of flying hellraisers, aka Iron Maiden.

Not only were they formed in the UK, but the band have gone to great lengths to preserve British history in their songs, writing extensively about various conflicts that the country has been involved in over time.

All this considered, it should come as no surprise that the group came up with the name for their fourth studio album in that most British of locations - the pub.

Whilst staying in Jersey, which is a British crown dependency, despite the fact that it's closer to France, Maiden decided on a title after concluding that the album's artwork would show Eddie, their mascot, following a lobotomy.

Piece of Mind makes perfect sense in this grim context, but the name Food for Thought was previously considered, as it too was a play on words.

Food for Thought is an okay name and all, but Piece of Mind was definitely the right choice. It's clever and it fits with Maiden's gruesome MO, without implying that anyone got fed a slice of their own brain.

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