10 Famous Songs With Creepy Undertones You Totally Missed

9. Run For Your Life - The Beatles

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv_Y1kbZbJA The meaning of this legendary track is far from concealed, which is why I am always surprised that nobody seems to pay attention to the exceptionally dark lyrics. Rather than another classic Beatles love song, this track is written from the perspective of a man who threatens to literally kill a particular women if he catches her with another man. The song is so upfront about its meaning it opens with these lines:
Well I'd rather see you dead, little girl, Than to be with another man. You better keep your head, little girl, Or I won't know where I am.
So as you can see, not very discreet. I doubt this one needs much more explanation. The creepiness of the words is enhanced by the source of the music, namely The Beatles, who aren't particularly well known for their disturbing lyrical content and more well known for recycling the word "love" ten thousand times. It's rather refreshing to listen to this track for that reason alone; though it does make you wonder how many people hooked up to this song back in the day.
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