10 Famous Songs That Were Somehow Recorded In A Single Take

9. The Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun

Surely the recording of this song must have garnered one of the greatest amounts of profit for the least amount of work in the history of music. Can you imagine creating a song as beloved and iconic as The House Of The Rising Sun in just a single take? That's exactly what British band The Animals did in 1964.

Of course, The Animals' version of the song is a variation of the traditional folk song Rising Sun Blues, but it's still an insanely impressive feat. The song was recorded on the 18th May 1964, and it begins with guitarist Hilton Valentine playing an A minor chord arpeggio, a chord arpeggio which is now incredibly famous. At the time, there was quite a lot of opposition to recording the song, as it clocked in at four and a half minutes, which was regarded as much too long for a pop single.

In the end, though, the song was recorded in a quick studio session between shows while the band was on tour with Chuck Berry. In less than fifteen minutes one of the greatest songs in the history of music was made.

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