10 Fascinating True Stories Behind Iconic Music Album Covers

9. The Who Sell Out - The Who (1967)

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The third studio album from classic rock giants The Who, The Who Sell Out was the band's attempt to create a quirky concept album interspersed with commercials for fake products in between songs. Released in 1968, the album and its now iconic cover, created by David Montgomery, features several photos of the band advertising a whole host of products. One of these images, however, created a spot of bother for one particular band member.

The most famous and eye catching of these images had front man Roger Daltrey posing with a giant tin of Heinz in a bathtub full of cold baked beans. In order to get the amount of baked beans needed, the beans were shipped in two frozen containers before being placed directly into the bath for Roger and the shoot.

It was so cold that, despite an electric fire being hidden behind Roger in the bath, he ended up catching pneumonia from the shoot. To this day, Roger still remembers the icy baked bean shoot that would create both his worst illness and one of the most iconic album covers of all time.

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