10 Final Songs That Will Give You Chills

Taking That Final Bow.

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No one really is certain as to how much time they have on this Earth. Even when you think you're invincible living the rock and roll lifestyle, it only takes a couple of mistakes before everything comes tumbling down around you. Although these artists may have passed on from this plane of existence, it's even more spooky considering what they left behind.

From the final bows to the one last show stopper, each of these songs hold up as a spectacle for what the artist could do in their prime. Instead of being just your standard by the numbers track, a lot of these songs lay on the dramatics pretty thick, almost like they knew that it was going to be the end of the line.

Throughout every one of these tracks, you can hear bravery, but also a fear of the unknown as these musicians step away from their artistry and look their mortality in the face for the first time. These aren't going to be the sunniest of tracks to throw on every day, but when you actually sit down and listen to these words, it's like hearing pieces of someone's soul from beyond the grave.

10. God Gave Rock n Roll To You - KISS

There's a good chance that KISS won't stop touring until the sun burns out of the damn sky. Even though both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanly are mere mortals in reality, the business mindset of the Greatest Band in the World will keep giving the circus spectacle to fans until the shock factor of spitting blood wears off. But Eric Carr only had a limited time on this Earth...and his last song was one for the record books.

Living with a death sentence after being treated for cancer in his heart, Carr was down for the count and wasn't even allowed to leave the hospital while the band was recording most of the album Revenge. When the band played their reworking of God Gave Rock and Roll To You though, Eric sprung into action one last time, donning a fake wig of hair to appear to play drums in the video.

It was just a matter of time before death came calling for Eric though, passing on just a few weeks after filming the video after the cancer had spread to his lungs. He may not have ended up playing on the final recording, but this the one KISS song has the free spirit of Eric Carr contained in just a few minutes.

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