10 Forgotten 70s Rock Bands Worth Rediscovering

4. Pinnacle

Possibly the most obscure band on this list, but no less deserving, Pinnacle hailed from Liverpool, England, and were influenced as much by Pink Floyd as Black Sabbath, with a spacey, semi-psychedelic sound and plenty of power. The band released a sole album, Cyborg Assassin, in 1974.

As keyboardist David Mylett recounts, in an 2015 interview with the excellent It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine, the album “was recorded in a small studio which consisted of two two-track tape recorders for recording. All the tracks were recorded with the band in the studio playing live together, only vocals, guitar and keyboard solo’s were added later. The recordings were done in two days over a weekend and a four hour session given over to mixing.”

That might explain the exciting, urgent feel to the album, of which only 1,000 copies were pressed on initial release. The sense of edginess and spontaneity which runs through the tracks makes for a compelling listen. There's some top notch playing here, too.

If you're fan of the era (which it's presumed you are), then you won't regret giving Cyborg Assassin a spin.


Chris Wheatley is a journalist and writer from Oxford, UK. He has too many records, too many guitars and not enough cats.