10 Great Songs By HATED Hard Rock Bands

Even the losers get lucky sometimes.


For every great rock act that has come to the forefront, not everything has been golden. Every now and again, there comes a band that gets a lot of success for music that is absolutely insufferable. What's worse is when these acts get an entire career out of making music that is a cheap mockery of what stands for. There are saving graces though.

These groups may all have a reputation for their subpar performance, but once in a blue moon they are able to come through with a half-decent tune. Are these songs masterpieces? Hell no.

In fact, most of the best songs from these bands couldn't even touch the upper echelons of the rock sphere, but by the band's usual standards, these records are pure acts of genius.

Regardless of whether they got help from someone else or tried something different, these were the few instances where we could justify turning up the radio when listening to these bands. Even if they couldn't keep up this streak, at least these bands were able to make the lightning strike once.

It might have been a happy accident, but when you look back at their' other tunes, we'll gladly take what we can get.

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