10 Great Things In Metal This Week (8th Jan)

New year; new me(tal).

Leeds Festival/Tom Martin

Coming back off of its Christmas break, WhatCulture's weekly "(At Least) 10 Great Things in Metal" feature is back and better than ever!

And we may only be eight days into 2017, but this year is already off to a fantastic start. First and foremost, there's been an absolute ton of album-related gossip.

In fact, a "ton" may be an understatement, considering that at least three heavy-hitting rock bands have confirmed that their next record is either totally finished and recorded, or scheduled to be very, very soon. They must be cashing in a couple new year's resolutions early.

There's also some endlessly exciting festival news for folks on the east side of the Atlantic, new music videos to jam into your luscious eyeballs and an intriguing new supergroup banding together. There's also one entry that is guaranteed to make you ask "WTAF am I listening to?", so look out for that one.

All this metallic brilliance and more awaits as you as you follow WhatCulture's dangerous head-first dive into the metal realm of 2017.

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