10 Greatest Band Rivalries In Rock History

The Rock N Roll Slug-Fests.

Music should never be considered a competition. For the most part, many people come into the genre wanting to bring their unique take on music to the world. At the same time, some people try to use their platform as a way to play against their contemporaries.

Throughout the years, many bands have fallen in conjunction with one another over who is the better band. Whether it be a personal feud or a legitimate musical similarity, these bands have all had some bad blood flowing through their veins. Rather than combing through personal experiences or follow their muse, it's often just as easy to find inspiration as an opponent rather than a musician. While these guys may have carried on fighting through thick and thin, rock fans typically won out in the end, with each band delivering their best work in an attempt to outmatch the band next to them.

Here are the bands that turned the art of creating music into sonic sport. It's up for debate who did it better, but these bands have brought their kickass songs to the table to stomp out their competition.


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