10 Greatest Bass Players In Rock Music History

9. Tim Commerford - Rage Against The Machine

For any good rap rock outfit, the song pretty much lives and dies on the rhythm. Whereas you could fill an entire record with chugga chugga riffs over the course of an hour, it's not going to mean a thing if the beat doesn't hit like a sledgehammer.

And if you needed any indication of how heavy it had to be, you need to go back to the titans of rap rock.

Since the genre was just getting born, Rage Against the Machine had everything at their disposal to make their sound work, with Tim Commerford's bass leaping out of the speakers from the moment you heard it.

As much as he loved the sounds of R&B and rap, Commerford was always from the classic rock school of bass, loving bands like KISS just as much as he was informed by the stylings of James Brown.

Considering he also had to fill up space in between Tom Morello's off the wall guitar solos, Tim's rock solid rhythm is what gives every single song the right anchor, even when reaching for some weird wah sounds like on songs like Calm Like a Bomb.

At a time when most bands were going to back to basics, this is the kind of natural groove that most bass players pray that they achieve one day.


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