10 Greatest Classic Rock Singers Of The '80s

From howlers to crooners.

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When it comes to music, the '80s is known as a truly epic time. While the '70s saw rock and roll spread into something much more interesting, the era of spandex and neon-colored everything saw common pop tunes being treated like major cultural events. Some of the more cheesy aspects of the decade may seem a bit tacky now, but the actual singers behind these tunes were the real deal.

As opposed to the hard rock belters and bluesy players of the past, these singers threw caution to the wind and became some of the most beloved voices of the past 40 years. There was still definitely some old school trappings to go around, but the real draw of these acts was just how weird they were when you first heard them open their mouth.

Instead of being direct descendents of punk, psychedelia, or blues, these singers always worked best when combining all of their influences to create something that was unique to them. It's always nice to have a foundation to start out with, but when you hit upon something that you've never heard before it's bound to reach the public. Here are the singers that still make our hairs stand on end whenever they step to the mic.

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